#NaBloPoMo: Decanting Day 2: Rhubarb’d Vodka

During the summer, I had harvested some rhubarb. This was then placed into a clip top jar, with cloves, ginger, sugar and vodka. This has been in the airing cupboard for approximately three months. I say approximately, as it had about another ten days to go for that exact term. Shaken at the outset, the … Continue reading #NaBloPoMo: Decanting Day 2: Rhubarb’d Vodka

Feeling cordial: blackberry, raspberry and rhubarb

This recipe required: 1500g blackberries, I had 1kg, With a few raspberries, plums and 3 Small sticks of rhubarb. 400g of sugar Enough cold water to cover them, but let say a litre per kilo. A stick of of cinnoman, I used powder A teaspoon of lemon juice. I put fruit and water into a … Continue reading Feeling cordial: blackberry, raspberry and rhubarb

Summer of 2017: Pause in Play #gdnbloggers

As I sit here, I have Adele singing ‘set fire to the rain’ on loop in my ear phones. This is the summer  of 2017, and I am having a rest.  I’m not very good at having a rest; school and counselling training form a big chunk of my life, then there is the allotment, … Continue reading Summer of 2017: Pause in Play #gdnbloggers

Super Sunny Sunday with seeds! #Gdnbloggers

Hold on, this could be a bumper blog. I have lots to share! Today started off with a seed check in. I was thinking about what seedlings I have, how i might keep rolling with growing season and what I might sow next. It turns out that there were quite a few and at varying … Continue reading Super Sunny Sunday with seeds! #Gdnbloggers

Moonshine and Mooli pods #gdnbloggers

There are two parts to this blog post. The first involves the stash of home brewed wine that is developing rather nicely.   Today, I have bottled up a batch of Rhubarb and currant wine. This has been lingering for sometime and was brewed in August last year. One of many different varieties, the batch … Continue reading Moonshine and Mooli pods #gdnbloggers

Chateau Petal…or Petal Plonk…#gdnbloggers

Yeah, Petal Plonk doesn’t sound that good, now does it?   Not every thing on the allotment ends up being cooked. There is after all, more than one way to preserve something that has been sow and grown for the future. 2016 involved Petal and I carrying out a number of home brew experiments. Whilst … Continue reading Chateau Petal…or Petal Plonk…#gdnbloggers