Seeds of an idea

Sew a seed

On a sunny may week in 2009, an idea presented itself. To carry out my own science project whilst I had nothing better to do. The key idea was, that this was an experiment. An investigation to be based upon trial and error. This was an exercise in exploration, of what could be observed and if there would be a product at the end.


Whilst parents might want to encourage their young children, or teachers their students. Here I was, a grown adult, harbouring childish curiousity that wouldn’t be out of place in a science lab or a primary school.



  • Chillies

The equipment was basic, cheap and available. I had scootled off on the bus to the local poundland, I think. If this wasn’t going to be successful, there was no need for a massive out lay. So a couple of quid was spent. Seeds from wilkos. In this case we have ‘Minibel’ tomatos, ‘cayenne’ chilli plants, and ‘Bell’ peppers. Thirty seeds were sewn, since I suspected that there were likely to be some early casualties of war. 

These were left, outside, exposed to the elements. I will still quite naive and couldn’t quite remember the key processes from Key Stages two. And what happens, fairly regularly in Blighty? It rained, it was damp. I feared that the poor things were washed out without a hope. Waiting for the showers to pass, I awaited a slither of sunshine to turn up when it was feeling predispose.

And it did. After a few nervous days of dryness, the first picture you see above is the result. Seeds of anticipation had been sewn.

Twenty nine 2011
Twenty seven 2011
2011 cohort…to start with

The 2011 cohort. Much time has passed since the original 2009 experiment. Whilst it was all very enjoyable and interesting, I didn’t get around to documenting it!

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