Battle of Gravelly Hill 02/05/2022

The Battle of Gravelly Hill Interchange

A Gorbind Phalla Novelette

Goes live on kindles 2nd May 2022

When an unexpected Global Pandemic lays waste, Birmingham’s defences are compromised.
The world as we know it, changes. As does the city of Birmingham

The Kiss of Death makes Gorbind Phalla’s life as the De Factor Lord of The Manor of Birmingham that bit more difficult.
He has to keep the city safe as the Kiss of death shakes the City of a Thousand Trades.

Then there is Felicity Dalton, the leader of The Rotunda Rebellion. A permanent thorn in his side.
A witch and a necromancer too.
A battle is coming. Between fractious parties, with the Kiss of Death.

The Battle for Gravelly Hill Interchange.