Casting a clout

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The fleece is off! Not quite June, by 24 hours, but let’s go!

Mama H and I took a walk down, bits and pieces tucked under our arms. All of the squashes were uncovered as were the cucumbers, sweetcorn and the one tomato that was down there. Mama H huffed and puffed at me; taking off the fleece there. Whilst I was planting out broadband and dwarf French beans, Pops came by. As you do. With two big bags of grass clippings. These were then tucked around the potato foliage. Looking a big ugly, if I might add. Pops pottered around too. Surveying, it’s a Dad thing. I haven’t put the leeks out yet.

Avalon and sweet dumpling have taken a hit. Big leaves eaten. There are smaller, leaves starting to come through. The sweetcorn is 3×3 with yellow scallop and patty pans dotted in between. Looking a bit windburned actually. This years ghost rider has rallied, it looked a bit ropey last week. Womble-wonder which courgette that is-is looking a bit on the petite size; whilst Astia looks all right. Baby marrow is similar.

Cucumbers didn’t look too bad. A couple of crispy leaves. Four of the second sized tomatoes were planted out.

Planted out some Cherokee trail of tears. With the runner beans looking a bit scruffy; not sure if they will actually survive.

Cauliflowers and kale didn’t look too bad in their beds. Having raised beds is certainly making a difference. I’m not quite sure what Mama H is going to do with all her fenugreek and spinach. It does all look very green.

There was a moment of hilariousness. Mama H picked up a big fat black slug, and launched it; screaming at the top of her lungs that I had a big fat slug. It didn’t land far. I then picked it up after and I’m afraid to say; it was euthanised by being slung against a wooden fence. Don’t think it felt a thing.

Not a bad start, eh?

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

Tiddler tomatoes

20130529-102215 AM.jpg

These things are still waiting, and apparently it is British Tomato Week. With the exception of Aunt VVG’s Ukrainian purple; these are sat here not growing very much. The Ukrainian purple is sat on the plot in a raised bed, sporting her fleece jacket.

But what do I do with these?

I couldn’t tell you what varieties there are, I very rarely label. Some are in fact flourishing, others not so much. There are both bush and corden varieties in there. This time last year, the tomatoes were easily three times as big. I’m not in a particular rush for these to crop; but it would be nice to see them crop.

Do I keep them as they are, or do I plug them into the plot. They can’t just sit there?

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

Out for the count

20130525-043312 PM.jpg

20130525-043323 PM.jpg

20130525-043352 PM.jpg

All of the Squashes were planted out today. As were cucumbers. A couple of these were looking a bit ropey as I did so. The ghost rider was the ropiest of the squash. These were planted, with a small pot sunk next to to them; in addition there was a layer of mulch around them. With the exception of two, all were plugged into raised beds. The incredible sweetcorn was planted 3×3 in the raised bet, interplanted by way of experiment with trailing squash.

Running beans were also plugged in; scarlet emperor, painted lady and a handful of enorma.

Lots planted out. All in the lap of the Gods.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural hobbit


20130522-032528 PM.jpg

20130522-032549 PM.jpg

20130522-032633 PM.jpg

20130522-032646 PM.jpg

I couldn’t take it anymore. The sunfloo’ers were looking at me.

Today, approximately 60 have been transplanted out onto the plot. Mainly in borders, but also up a few wig wams just because. Two or three of the giant ones were actually looking a bit ropey, to be honest. I didn’t realise quite how many seeds I had sown.

I’ve never sown or planted sunflowers before, and these are sunflowers from the big sunflower project

Fingers crossed for these, as I planted them out today, it was very windy. There is also winds forecast for the next few days.

Lets hope they survive.

Your in anticipation,

Horticultural hobbit

Update: 2013 chillies and bells

20130521-053650 PM.jpg

20130521-053704 PM.jpg

Beyond the Wendy house, there are the classroom chillies. Unlike the lipstick that has sent out a single flower whilst in the Wendy, these are still trying to get past their 3rd and 4th leaves. There are a couple that have gone past that, but that is where they are currently.

I will have to remind myself, as to how the flukey 2009 chilles and bells came about. It has been that long since I have manager to grow any.

These plants are now staying in these pots. I don’t plan to repot them after. Yes, some of the pots contain more than one chillie. I have observed success with chillies and bells being in cramped quarters, so I am keeping that. Previously, I have watered from when they were very small; with tomato food. This has resulted in lots of foliage. Foliage that would be useful right now! Generally, the advice is to water when flowering. Well, we have a long way to go.

I quite like them; as to whether they fruit!

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

Aloos, onions, garlic and shallots

Just a bit of a round up. There are the following Potatoes on the plot:
L.balfour mc
Kestrel se
Sante Emc
Cara mc
King eds mc
Orla mc
Maris piper mc

And they currently look like this:

20130519-081159 PM.jpg

20130519-081214 PM.jpg

What you see are lady Balfour, kestral and king Edwards. Today, I noted that Sante had come through the clay as though over night.

There a number of different onions, shallots and bits of garlic.

Radar Onions
Electric Onions
Shallot Yellow moon
Shallot Red Gourmet
Shallot Griselle
Shakespeare Onions
Shallot Eschallote
Garlic Purple Wight
Garlic Bella Italiano
Garlic Sprint
Senshyu Onions
Red Baron onions
Golden ball
Red, white and brown

They look like this:

20130519-081351 PM.jpg

20130519-081401 PM.jpg

Not looking too bad!

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbi

We’re still waiting

20130517-065951 PM.jpg

They are still waiting, in the Wendy. A Wendy that is driving me mad, with its nearly broken flap zip. We have scarlet emperor and painted lady runners. I have sown a second batch of scarlet, along side enorma. I have to say, that one or two; enorma are failing. Alongside, we have sunflowers

20130517-070215 PM.jpg

Frauzauber, lipstick and lemon drop sat patiently. Lipstick has one single flower. Fed and watered tonight.

20130517-070354 PM.jpg

In there some where is a Sunderland kale. As well as some cauliflowers. Bits of chard and spinach in there.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit