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Purple rainbow chilli that wants to live

20131214-014731 pm.jpg

A few weeks ago, I tried to end the being of one of the purple rainbow chillies in the classroom. I didn’t think they would survive the winter, and now I won’t have a classroom anyway after the festive period. The time came that the pots had to be brought home. I was about to empty the pot when I saw that this one was actually still going. The leaves are lovely and green. So this one has a temporary stay of existence and is sat on a window sill at home.

Class cacti

20131204-062213 pm.jpg

The class cacti are moving home. They have all flowered in unison. Flushes of pink, white and red and made the classroom look a little pretty. Have all gone a bit funny coloured but it www lovely to see the ugly creatures display resplendent with flowery plumes.

One thing that I have noticed is that the plants have actually changed colour. Gone from a shade of green to red, and look a bit wrinkly. My guess is that they need a feed and some water.

I’m proud of these creatures. Many of them were only 25-99pence when they were rescued last year. Last year they flowered in stages. This time it was all synchronised.

Sadly, there will be no classroom experimentation for a while. I will have to claim some other window sills!

I can see a rainbow

20131011-063054 pm.jpg

With the start of the new school year the two large pots of purple rainbow chilli were taken back to their birth place. Largely ignored, but watered regularly they have been left to their own devices.

This had led to them producing many fruits; now of varying colours. As one student remarked, they look like skittles.

Taking a leek, know your onions

Sown in the classroom, were some leeks and onions.

20130927-072821 pm.jpg

20130927-072835 pm.jpg

20130927-072853 pm.jpg

Today, these were moved to the Wendy house. Purely as they were looking a little unloved. Sadly, I don’t get to talk to a lot these days. The babies are starting to lol over a bit.

These are a second sowing of leeks. Onions have never been sown before, so are an experiment. Stashed in the Wendy house, I am hoping to sow more onions. Not many have come through; which is disappointing.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit.