Blown roses

20140731-072755 pm-70075665.jpg

Lovers meeting has to be one of the most productive roses on the plot. With it’s beautiful bright orange blooms that stand upright. These have now bloomed and are about to blow away at with the wind. So before the petals float away and leave the sad look deadheads; I have chopped them off to be enjoyed with a second wind in the kitchen.

It is always really sad to dead head!


Ma got handed three large courgettes in 24 hours. Plus we have a few green tomatoes. So with the home made garlic it serves that they can be used up.

20140730-092719 pm-77239873.jpg

20140730-092711 pm-77231475.jpg

The recipe is for garlicky Mediterranean chutney. But this is a modified version. Especially with the green tomatoes. Have also added fennel, aniseed, mustard seeds and paprika. Not sure about the red wine vinegar though. We shall how well this is road tested.

Beautiful brijnal bengan bounty

20140730-084313 pm-74593711.jpg

20140730-084316 pm-74596433.jpg

The jokes are all over. We have two aubergines. They are little and large, streaky down the sides but shiny in places. But they now be in mama’s kitchen. They were sapping their respective plants and flowers were dropping off.

Mama h has decreed that they will meet their fate in being dad’s dinner with home made spuds.

Grown by mama nature; harvested by me!

Curious gourds

20140727-024520 pm-53120206.jpg

20140727-024522 pm-53122213.jpg


20140727-024518 pm-53118908.jpg

This Is one of may be two self seed plants that survived the slimers. Can’t say I know what it is though, other than a squash. Think the label said gourd small mix. It’s a rampant, triffid like vine that clearly wants to take the universe. I am training it up rather than out. Remains to be seen how many fruits this actually manages to successfully produce.

Bumpy,bountiful but still green

20140726-082533 pm-73533024.jpg

With the flurry of yellow flowers on the tomato plants, there have been about a dozen bulbous fruit dangling. These have got to an appropriate enough size, but haven’t yet started to go grow green. Most of them are marmande with a couple of money maker. Placed onto the window sill, hopefully they will start to turn. If not they may find themselves in a green tomato chutney of some sort.

Tomato explosion

20140725-091625 pm-76585147.jpg

20140725-091626 pm-76586951.jpg

20140725-091622 pm-76582657.jpg

20140725-091628 pm-76588805.jpg

The heat and light has caused something of an tomato explosion. There have been increasing number of yellow flowers. Some of they quite dainty, others such as the beefsteak are fuzzy little things. The citrina tomatoes are cute. Little lemon shaped things, compared to the beautifully ugly marmande ones.

Aubergine: The money shot

20140725-090630 pm-75990586.jpg

There is a current fashion for folks to compare their produce with some coinage. Well, I have succumbed and to set the context we have the burgeoning aubergine with one coin of Her Majesty’s pound sterling.

It is getting there. Ma hopes to make something Indian out of it in approximately one weeks time.

Blenheim in bloom

20140724-083805 pm-74285269.jpg

20140724-083808 pm-74288385.jpg

20140724-083806 pm-74286748.jpg

20140724-083809 pm-74289659.jpg

Made a return visit to Blenheim palace today, for a lovely afternoon tea. This meant a return to the to rose garden. Last year, the rose garden was very damp, dreary and not very beautiful as it wasn’t blooming. Today was very very different. A full cascade of colour, with roses in full bloom. Lots of beautiful blooms, some of which actually needed deadheading. The beds were heaving with lots of flower heads. Much improved in comparison to last years visit.

As for the afternoon tea. I now have a second favourite tea, rooibos tiramisu.