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#NaBloPoMo: Blooms in the gloom

It’s all very gloom and doom outside as the rain comes down in sheets. At this time of the year, the plot is probably at it’s greyest and gloomiest.The abundance of summer seems such a long time ago. As the plot rests, we can cast our mind back to the splashes of colour that have filled the plot.

There are lots of roses on the plot. some established others less so. The lost label roses were new last year, and need another year or so to get going. Previous to that there were the posher roses, and these have really come into their own this year. Newcomer William Shakespeare 2000 sits slap bang in the middle of the plot, a sprawling mess of fuzzy red roses with lots of petals.

With the Big Sunflower Project sunflowers are planted on the plot. Some do not survive the slimers, but those that do, are a beautiful drop of sunshine. Are huge great big hyrdas in some cases, and you always end up with slighty dopey bumble bees floating around.


Blown roses

20140731-072755 pm-70075665.jpg

Lovers meeting has to be one of the most productive roses on the plot. With it’s beautiful bright orange blooms that stand upright. These have now bloomed and are about to blow away at with the wind. So before the petals float away and leave the sad look deadheads; I have chopped them off to be enjoyed with a second wind in the kitchen.

It is always really sad to dead head!