Taking a leek, know your onions

Sown in the classroom, were some leeks and onions.

20130927-072821 pm.jpg

20130927-072835 pm.jpg

20130927-072853 pm.jpg

Today, these were moved to the Wendy house. Purely as they were looking a little unloved. Sadly, I don’t get to talk to a lot these days. The babies are starting to lol over a bit.

These are a second sowing of leeks. Onions have never been sown before, so are an experiment. Stashed in the Wendy house, I am hoping to sow more onions. Not many have come through; which is disappointing.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit.



Found in the poly tunnel. A fair few purple beauty peppers and a handful for tiny sweet peppers. Am watching the polytunnel carefully, to see when the many peppers and chillies start to cease to exist. there are a couple of long red marconi in there, starting to turn red. The hot patio sizzle are still yellow, and not interested in changing.

Sunfloo’ers 2012

There have been episodes this week of mama nature having a bit of wind and throwing a few gusts around. That had meant that a few sunflowers were a bit askew, and had to be righted. Sadly, one batch found themselves keeled over and the stem had split in two. It seemed kinder to take it down. Mama H harvested a few of the blooms and it’s sat on her window sill.

courgette co^pse

Most of the summer squashes have now ceased fruiting, and do nothing but sulk. These were chopped down and taken up today, with the dismembered components but into a raised bed. This was a  bed, that this year had contained king edwards potatos. These were grown in horse poop, but the bed had sunk; with the poop decaying. It was very shallow, so in need of topping up. With the daleks quite full, the remnants of the squashes were piled into the bed. Quite bulky at the moment, lots of green material. This, with the leaves should decay down into some growing medium. There is plenty of time over the winter before next years growing season.

Oh, sweetie #3

Three Sweet dumplins
Three Sweet dumplins

These are the fruits of the sweet dumpling vine. Seeds that were given away free by http://www.growfruitandveg.co.uk/ some time ago; and were yet another squash experiment. A success, as they have never been grown before. Have moved from being a beautiful puce green, to pale cream and mottled. Exactly what it looked like on the seed packet.

The picture is deceptive as regards as size goes. They aren’t tiny, like the jack be little. But a nice handful, and very robust.