courgette co^pse

Most of the summer squashes have now ceased fruiting, and do nothing but sulk. These were chopped down and taken up today, with the dismembered components but into a raised bed. This was a  bed, that this year had contained king edwards potatos. These were grown in horse poop, but the bed had sunk; with the poop decaying. It was very shallow, so in need of topping up. With the daleks quite full, the remnants of the squashes were piled into the bed. Quite bulky at the moment, lots of green material. This, with the leaves should decay down into some growing medium. There is plenty of time over the winter before next years growing season.

One thought on “courgette co^pse”

  1. A great way of using your green waste. We use the same method at the food forrest over at the allotments. The fellow who looks after the food forrest calls it his ‘chop and drop’ method. Nourishes the soil and acts as a nice mulch as well as it rots down. Brilliant.

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