About ‘Orticultural ‘Obbit and Petal!!


This a blog that documents the tales of an Allotmenteer, writer and teacher in Birmingham, England. As such, there is gardening, writing, adventuring and sometimes even a bit of Psychology and Mental Health. As such, the blog is melting pot of different things.

The beginning…

It all came about ten years ago. The summer was dragging on. Something was needed to bring a little sunshine into the universe. One took a trip to the high street, purchased some seeds and pots. Chillies were sown, and the science experiment began.

In the pages of the blog, there is a journey. A journey of how the allotment plot started, and my subsequent adventures and experiments. There are details and evidence of simple experiments, trial and error; there is evidence of both success and failure.

What you might find in places, is frustration, anger and weariness at things not always going right. If you want romance, check out the romance novels; books that are an unexpected by-product of the blog.

When I started this blog, there were two aims. Firstly, record what I got up to. Secondly, Β maybe share it with others so that the mistakes I have made might be avoided, my successes my also offer people some insight and encouragement. There is no borg-like perfection on the pages of this blog; I strive to do the best job I can do.

How it all began
How it all began

Nothing short of a jungle, that was what plot 2a on the Colebourne Road allotments looked like. That said, there were other plots with weeds on that were twice that height, and would have benefited from being attacked with a strimmer. I took what at the time felt the easier option. It took myself, Grandad Mike and Mama H the best part of a fortnight and forty eight green waste bags to clear the plot. Dad very diligently got rid of them for me!

The ongoing focus…..

Right at the top of this page, you will see an image of a figure holding carrots. She is called Petal, and has been the face/avatar for this blog for a long time. It is her, and I, who have adventures on the allotment. (I do all the things, but generally Petal gets the public.) I don’t often appear in the blog posts,but needless to say, I am real, Β I do exist. And no, I do not wear that dress on the plot; trust me. (Yes, petal and I do look very similar, that is no accident!)

Feel free to wander around the blog and I do hope that you find it useful.

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Instagram: HorticulturalObbit

My thanks to Loldeantimber. They are responsible for the floral trug, You can find their details here

There is more to this blog than gardening.


A rather unexpected, but really quite interesting by-product of the gardening has been writing fiction. The blog was extended by writing two non-fiction gardening books, but before long, I made the foray into writing fiction.

It’s not easy being a self-published Indie Author, so this is was and is something of a diversification. This is also why you will see a variation in blog posts, the blog is an umbrella for everything that Petal and I do and would like to share.

18 thoughts on “About ‘Orticultural ‘Obbit and Petal!!”

  1. Hi there! Came upon your blog through Steve1111 @ Gardening in Greenwood. Looking forward to more visits! ~The White Rabbit πŸ˜€

  2. Wow that looks like a truly humongous amount of work! Seeing what you’ve done there makes me feel not quite so daunted about tackling some of the wilder bits of my plot…

  3. Hello H.H. Lovely I am very impressed with the transformation of your allotment from wilderness to cultivated beds πŸ™‚ it takes some doing, and doesn’t just happen over night..

    Loved all of you pictures and produce, and especially the wooden painted basket and seed box took my eye, I like to spruce things up my self too.. Did you do these items?

    Thank you for the follow.. I have logged in here with my Gardening logo, but will frequently comment using Sue Dreamwalker one on my main blog.. The reason being WP for some reason does not send this log replies πŸ™‚

    Hope you are having a good day and Birmingham not too far away from me in Robin Hood Country πŸ™‚

    Nice to meet you..
    Happy Gardening

  4. Hi, Sue, thank you for passing through. It was certainly hard work! The trug and box were both commissions from a timber company. Their details are on the about page. I do hope you continue to read and enjoy πŸ™‚

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