Hobbit land Rioja

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In the back garden, there is a grapevine. We inherited it when we moved, and to this day we have no idea whether it is a dessert grape or suitable for wine making slash eating. Only that they don’t taste particularly nice! The year before last I did manage to get a litre of juice out of them. Ma’s harvested this years crop; pops has hacked it down to its base. A yearly ritual that allows the vine to sprawl with vitality in our south facing garden.

Overwintering allium

It is that time of year again; where over wintering alliums get sunk.

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And this year we have a few Varieties

Yellow moon

Early purple wight
Purple wight
Solent wight


All of the garlic has been planted yesterday. Checking my notes, that is a year to the exact day that I planted it last year. One batch of yellow moon and griselle have also been planted. There is still quite a few left to plant.all being well, this will be done in the next week or so.

Solent wight was planted in raised beds. This year, carrying out a bit of an experiment.

20131013-082459 pm.jpg

20131013-082511 pm.jpg

The garlic has even sank through cardboard on project othello. Hoping that this will stop the rain eating it all. In addition the cardboard will reduce the weeds that might crop up.

Bollywood butternut, baby

20131012-023013 pm.jpg

20131012-023027 pm.jpg</a

20131012-023144 pm.jpg

One cobnut butternut 3.5 lbs
Lots of small sweet peppers
Purple rainbow chillies Nigel and frauzauber
Cumin seeds
Chilli flakes
Fennel seeds
Garam masala
Salt and pepper to taste
Have chopped up all the veg. Roast in the oven-happening right now-45mins on has mark 7ish.

Heat roasting dish with olive oil. Adds cumin fennel and chilli seeds when hot enough. Add veg and put in oven.

Then fry off onions and garlic in dash of oil. Add roaster veg with salt, pepper and garam masala with stock. Simmer till soft and then blitz with hand blender. That’s the plan at least!

20131012-025529 pm.jpg

20131012-031546 pm.jpg

I can see a rainbow

20131011-063054 pm.jpg

With the start of the new school year the two large pots of purple rainbow chilli were taken back to their birth place. Largely ignored, but watered regularly they have been left to their own devices.

This had led to them producing many fruits; now of varying colours. As one student remarked, they look like skittles.