All change in the chilli house

20130808-032406 PM.jpg

20130808-032419 PM.jpg

20130808-032431 PM.jpg

20130808-032442 PM.jpg

Had to do a bit of re-arranging in the Wendy house. It’ positively heaving with chillies and bells. Some of which are small and bushy, others are getting quite tall. Early Jalepeno and it’s friend have been shifted outside and placed under improvised cover. There is one single solitary, long red Marconi. As of yet, it’s still green. A few more frauzauber and Nigel have been harvested. As well as couple of purple rainbow chillies.

Have observed about a dozen small sweet bell peppers. Wonder if they will get any bigger.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit.

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