Overwintering allium

It is that time of year again; where over wintering alliums get sunk.

20131013-082019 pm.jpg

And this year we have a few Varieties

Yellow moon

Early purple wight
Purple wight
Solent wight


All of the garlic has been planted yesterday. Checking my notes, that is a year to the exact day that I planted it last year. One batch of yellow moon and griselle have also been planted. There is still quite a few left to plant.all being well, this will be done in the next week or so.

Solent wight was planted in raised beds. This year, carrying out a bit of an experiment.

20131013-082459 pm.jpg

20131013-082511 pm.jpg

The garlic has even sank through cardboard on project othello. Hoping that this will stop the rain eating it all. In addition the cardboard will reduce the weeds that might crop up.

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