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Sweet Nothing

Remember these?

20131205-091746 pm.jpg

Was just thinking. The jury is still pretty much out on these. This fruit and vine is that of the sweet dumpling squash, and was grown upwards in a raised bed. From one plant; there were three perfectly fruit. This was an experimental crop; in that the seeds were free and as ever I like to experiment.

The proof in any pudding is of the eating, and it was with baited breath that these were prepared. We had them with roast dinner with some sweet potatoes. The one fruit was diced and roasted with chilli flakes and cumin.

And didn’t taste of anything.

Not a single bit flavour; in stark comparison to the lovely sweet potato.

A bit of a shame. Can’t say why though. But I have refs that other growers have had the same issue. A lack of flavour. Which suggests some consistency in observations. Therein a dilemma. I would like to grow a few more different varieties next year of squashes. This one, however, might not be one of them.

Oh, sweetie #3

Three Sweet dumplins
Three Sweet dumplins

These are the fruits of the sweet dumpling vine. Seeds that were given away free by http://www.growfruitandveg.co.uk/ some time ago; and were yet another squash experiment. A success, as they have never been grown before. Have moved from being a beautiful puce green, to pale cream and mottled. Exactly what it looked like on the seed packet.

The picture is deceptive as regards as size goes. They aren’t tiny, like the jack be little. But a nice handful, and very robust.

Oh, jack, sweetie

These were seeds given by Grown your own magazine:

20130828-063817 PM.jpg

20130828-063826 PM.jpg

These fruit have grown, moving from green to this lovely puce, grey colour. Am anticipating the mottled green stage. I have never grown this before and to be honest they have been very straight forward. To have one fruit would have been interesting, to have three is lovely!

These are another small pumpkin, jack be little:

20130828-064407 PM.jpg

These have some time yet before harvesting.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

Space Invaders

Is it a plane, is it a bird, no it’s a funny shaped courgette!

To most people, a courgette is a courgette. A nondescript vegetable, shiny, straight and available from your local supermarket. Alas, they have clearly never grown their own veg. I must admit, that I too started off with a straight, relatively typical courgette. The courgette Astia, simple, straight forward and green. Then, I moved onto yellow ones, rounds ones, stripy ones, as you are aware of. Only recently, was I aware of another creature. Yellow Scallop and patty pan. You can argue that these are the one and the same. They may well be, I’m covering my bases here, with synonyms and semantics.

There have been daily explorations of the Esther Bucklee bed. Trying to find down these curiously shaped creatures. These are housed, between the Incredible Sweetcorn, all eight plants of them. I have three of these, I think, and a sweet dumpling, in the confines of a raised bed. This bed is one metre squared, and foray into two out of three sisters. The bed is heaving, you’d think I was growing triffids. This is exactly, what it looks like. A mass of green leaves, the size of dinner plates. Vines making an escaping, with eight long, willow corn plants, standing above a parapet. When the wind blows, the bed appears to be dancing and shaking it’s thing.

As you can see, the courgette is tiny. I almost missed it, but espied the small alien saucer like shape; and had to inspect it further. Not quite sure what I will do with them. As it stands, there are two courgettes in the kitchen. Despite having chutneyed two yesterday.

In other news, have harvested some curly kale and nero di toscano for dinner.

Yours in anticipation,


Horticultural Hobbit