Sweet Nothing

Remember these?

20131205-091746 pm.jpg

Was just thinking. The jury is still pretty much out on these. This fruit and vine is that of the sweet dumpling squash, and was grown upwards in a raised bed. From one plant; there were three perfectly fruit. This was an experimental crop; in that the seeds were free and as ever I like to experiment.

The proof in any pudding is of the eating, and it was with baited breath that these were prepared. We had them with roast dinner with some sweet potatoes. The one fruit was diced and roasted with chilli flakes and cumin.

And didn’t taste of anything.

Not a single bit flavour; in stark comparison to the lovely sweet potato.

A bit of a shame. Can’t say why though. But I have refs that other growers have had the same issue. A lack of flavour. Which suggests some consistency in observations. Therein a dilemma. I would like to grow a few more different varieties next year of squashes. This one, however, might not be one of them.