Ring o’roses; pocketful of posies

With the news yesterday that the dementors are coming to work; horticultural therapy is urgently required. Good thing I had a stash of roses waiting to be sunk.

20131207-024801 pm.jpg

20131207-024817 pm.jpg

20131207-024834 pm.jpg

Spent this morning sinking 17 lost label roses. Would have been 18, but mama h has pinched one for the back garden.

I have no idea what they are; other than being hybrid tea roses or floribundas. Something of a surprise will occur in the Summer with them all being a mystery. Got pricked here and there with the rather sharp thorns, which was a bit of a negative. The roses have all been sunk on the project othello part of the plot. The wet heavy clay was a nightmare; no match for the magic spade and and hobbit fork.

There is something quintessentially English about roses. If you have ever been to Blenheim Palace; there is a beautiful rose garden there that is truly inspirational. Project othello will be something an avenue of roses. Just have to imagine it. A bit hard in the desolation of winter. This will hopefully build on the success on the roses that were sunk this time last year.

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  1. hi Freebies are always a boon! They will be beautiful just wait and see!! thanks for coming by Lindy’s Lot and please come again any time! Love your blog and will come back for more!

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