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Curious gourds

20140727-024520 pm-53120206.jpg

20140727-024522 pm-53122213.jpg


20140727-024518 pm-53118908.jpg

This Is one of may be two self seed plants that survived the slimers. Can’t say I know what it is though, other than a squash. Think the label said gourd small mix. It’s a rampant, triffid like vine that clearly wants to take the universe. I am training it up rather than out. Remains to be seen how many fruits this actually manages to successfully produce.

Winter squashes: trying again

20140713-070041 pm-68441574.jpg

20140713-070043 pm-68443423.jpg

I have had a very little success in keeping home sown seeds alive with the slimers attacking. For the last few weeks, I have been thinking of re-sowing, especially as there has been warm weather. So we are trying yet again with the winter squashes.

Today, I planted out the Atlantic giants so I felt a bit spurred in. These seeds are for the moment sat in the four tier blowaway. I shall leave them there over night, and then transfer then to the Wendy house which is boiling when warm.

Here’s hoping!

Squash re-sown

20140512-092504 pm.jpg

I’ve been looking at these for a few days; wondering why they weren’t growing. So I had a check today. Turns out, it’s all a bit cold and damp. The one thing that has germinated is the crimson sweet watermelon. Have rummaged in the seed box and resown. Only one or two were summer squashes. Rest were winter squashes.

On the other hand:

20140512-092654 pm.jpg

These are the first cohort. We has assorted squashes and cukes in there.