Winter squashes: trying again

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I have had a very little success in keeping home sown seeds alive with the slimers attacking. For the last few weeks, I have been thinking of re-sowing, especially as there has been warm weather. So we are trying yet again with the winter squashes.

Today, I planted out the Atlantic giants so I felt a bit spurred in. These seeds are for the moment sat in the four tier blowaway. I shall leave them there over night, and then transfer then to the Wendy house which is boiling when warm.

Here’s hoping!

16 thoughts on “Winter squashes: trying again”

  1. Squashes evade me too. I once started some successfully but managed to five the wrong ones away. Then had to watch them growing really well on a neighbouring plot.

  2. Out of all the ones I’ve sown-had sown a dozen-only one survives. The rest all got slimed. Think it is cornells bush delicta that survived. No idea where I shall put them though if they germinate

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