Squash re-sown

20140512-092504 pm.jpg

I’ve been looking at these for a few days; wondering why they weren’t growing. So I had a check today. Turns out, it’s all a bit cold and damp. The one thing that has germinated is the crimson sweet watermelon. Have rummaged in the seed box and resown. Only one or two were summer squashes. Rest were winter squashes.

On the other hand:

20140512-092654 pm.jpg

These are the first cohort. We has assorted squashes and cukes in there.

8 thoughts on “Squash re-sown”

  1. Last year we had several summer courgettes. Patty pan and yellow scallop were the surprise. Bush baby marrow and striato di Napoli the most prolific. No pumpkins as of yet though!

  2. My favourite is sweet dumpling. But the only time we had great success we gave the wrong plants away a neighbour had tonnes and wasn’t convinced they were edible!

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