Argh allotment Epi 5

Argh allotment Epi 5

Watched the opening credits, with the mentality, that this is a game show. It’s not real, has no ecological validity. The population, sample and measurement is not valid or representative.

So do we know out onions?

Onions bolt. Red ones of course just don’t bother doing anything.

So this could interesting.

Lots of name dropping as far as different varieties go. There is no such thing as a bog standard onion.

And the key indicator success. Appearance. Prettiness. And now you have tied it.

I mean really?

I raise my wonky, misshapen veg argument again. And that all bits of veg are unique.

Didn’t realise that the growers only had five months. This seems a very short window. When the allotment year is exactly that. A whole year. There could have some nod to autumn, summer and spring.

The floo’ers have gone over my head again. I can’t spell crysanths, so can’t say I’m impressed with these floral segments. Flowers do have their place; I am not negating that’d pending they are lovely. I quite like tulips, roses and gladiolus. Just not sure about bouquets and arrangements. Even more so with the analysis of the arrangement.

Jelly, not the spiced one that I expected. And no ideas what a fruit butter is. Hopes were raised by the tomato and chilli jelly. The gloopinrds was key for me though. I’d be intrigued as to how to make a jelly, that’s for certain.

Was somewhat heartened by thane’s disappointment. That things don’t always turn out right, that you have to take the rough and even rougher.

My sincerest commiserations to the bearded blokes and Jo an Avril. Two pairs who really embodied the true essence.

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  1. I have so much looked forward to your posts about this subject every week that you kept me watching the series. I now know how to tie splints to my beans, shine my aubergines and clean my onions with a sqweeky(spelling) sponge. Perfect plots with water, greenhouse and the best of soil, feeds and perfect straight lines too….not normal in any allotment or garden belonging to a true a passionate gardener. It’s a No Show from me. But your posts have been absolutely fab, so something good came from this Non-Reality Show ! Please don’t forget that the Final is on tomorrow,Thursday! Thank You πŸ˜‰

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