15 thoughts on “Leek and leverage”

  1. Mine is too full for that now. How much will the plants have in yours? That was one issue I found when I could use it for such – the other was that I tended to forget I had things in there.

  2. At the moment it has baby leeks, few baby onions, and a lot of empty modules and seed trays. There are four shelves. Last year it was great for over a dozen pots of chillies. Also have a four tier blowaway to play with

  3. I have broom handles at each corner, tied the frame with nylon two rope. And metal tent pegs criss crossed in pairs dug into clay. Invested in a reinforced cover this year as the two previous ones were thin and quite literally blew away. There are pics on the blog some where πŸ™‚

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