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Sunfloo’ers as april ends

20140426-111001 am.jpg

These are romping away, and will probably need potting up transplanting soon. They always grow rather quick, I had forgotten that!

Might even sown some more later in May perhaps. These will flourish for a long time if the weather conditions are okay. So it’s worth watching this carefully. These are large sunflowers and sunburst sunflowers.

Sinking sunfloo’ers

20140410-041859 pm.jpg

Once more, I am participating in The Big Sunflower project. Have juggled around the 4TB to start and sink the seeds.

We have a 2 dozen of the single large sunflower, the giant type sown. As well as the same amount of sunburst. These are now sat in the 4TB, so we can observe closely if anything starts coming through.


20130522-032528 PM.jpg

20130522-032549 PM.jpg

20130522-032633 PM.jpg

20130522-032646 PM.jpg

I couldn’t take it anymore. The sunfloo’ers were looking at me.

Today, approximately 60 have been transplanted out onto the plot. Mainly in borders, but also up a few wig wams just because. Two or three of the giant ones were actually looking a bit ropey, to be honest. I didn’t realise quite how many seeds I had sown.

I’ve never sown or planted sunflowers before, and these are sunflowers from the big sunflower project

Fingers crossed for these, as I planted them out today, it was very windy. There is also winds forecast for the next few days.

Lets hope they survive.

Your in anticipation,

Horticultural hobbit