Aloos, onions, garlic and shallots

Just a bit of a round up. There are the following Potatoes on the plot:
L.balfour mc
Kestrel se
Sante Emc
Cara mc
King eds mc
Orla mc
Maris piper mc

And they currently look like this:

20130519-081159 PM.jpg

20130519-081214 PM.jpg

What you see are lady Balfour, kestral and king Edwards. Today, I noted that Sante had come through the clay as though over night.

There a number of different onions, shallots and bits of garlic.

Radar Onions
Electric Onions
Shallot Yellow moon
Shallot Red Gourmet
Shallot Griselle
Shakespeare Onions
Shallot Eschallote
Garlic Purple Wight
Garlic Bella Italiano
Garlic Sprint
Senshyu Onions
Red Baron onions
Golden ball
Red, white and brown

They look like this:

20130519-081351 PM.jpg

20130519-081401 PM.jpg

Not looking too bad!

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbi