Tiddler tomatoes

20130529-102215 AM.jpg

These things are still waiting, and apparently it is British Tomato Week. With the exception of Aunt VVG’s Ukrainian purple; these are sat here not growing very much. The Ukrainian purple is sat on the plot in a raised bed, sporting her fleece jacket.

But what do I do with these?

I couldn’t tell you what varieties there are, I very rarely label. Some are in fact flourishing, others not so much. There are both bush and corden varieties in there. This time last year, the tomatoes were easily three times as big. I’m not in a particular rush for these to crop; but it would be nice to see them crop.

Do I keep them as they are, or do I plug them into the plot. They can’t just sit there?

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit