School Out part one

Sparse mini green house

Sparse green house

The mini green house is awfully sparse. A recent acquisition, it currently contains lettuce, cabbage, all year round caulis and the mystery chilli plant. It is perhaps not situated in the best position, but it’s not doing too bad. Will have to plant out lettuce and cabbage as soon as possible.

Chillies undercover


These are being kept undercover as we keep getting lots of rain. I am yet to nail the art of growing chillies. There are leaves and flowers underneath, and may be a few baby chillies.

Have for next year gathered:

Early jalepeno, pretty in purple

Really want Nigel’s outdoor chilli

Bruno Babies


There are two babies, and I have spotted a third today. The boy flowers have yet to flower so I am bit confused really as to what will happen. Chances are that like the ones off Gladys the butternut squash, these two poor mites will turn a funny colour and wither away. Sadly, the boys on gladys haven’t flowered either as of yet. The plant itself is huge, and dwarfs whatever is sat next to it. I have high hopes for this pumpkin, but that may all be wishful thinking.

Radish experiment


On the left are the wilkos value for money ones. Enjoyed, as you can see, by the local slug population. The Freebies are on the right, and I suspect it won’t be long before these are chomped upon as well.

Stopping slugs hypothesis


Beer traps! The tape didn’t seem to do any good where it was attached. So will be using this as a possible method. I never seem to see the blighters, so have no idea when they actually do roll up for dinner.

Mystery chilli plant “Take this chilli plant. Put it in your greenhouse. See what happens.”

Mystery chille.jpg

Acquired from a community garden centre. This is a mystery. I have no idea what type it is, or in turn what to do with it. Have to treat it as generic chilli. Was a bit pot bound, so I have put it into a slightly bigger pot. It remains for the moment in the greenhouse, and will probably need re homing. Looking at it, it is very different from the others. All very speculative as how it will turn out.

Aubergine analogue study for next year Diamond, dancer, De barbentane. Just expecting seeds to come through.

Independent Variable: Type of Aubergine

Dependent variable: Quality/number of crop.