Vamps Vanquised


If ever you need a fluke to make you feel good. This was most certainly it.

The first of many things that I did when obtaining a half plot was plant garlic. It seemed easy to do, and why not? For one l clove you got a fairly decent return. Garlic, shallots and onions were planted, all in the chilling cold, usually as dusk fell after school. And then I left them all to the own devices.

It was quite nice really, to see the crop develop. Thick stalks, all stood sentry. All very straight backed and regally regimental. So it all remained, until late may, june. I had mulched at one stage, and fed as well. I don’t think I fed the alliuems more than once perhaps twice. I really did leave them to their own devices. A fact evidenced by a lot of grass growing in the beds, and the rain had in fact caused the clay to eat some of the shallots-in fact, most of the shallots, to be honest with you.

What you see above, is the crop drying. Was sat in the garage for a number of weeks drying out. The twenty or so cloves, formed twice that many bulbs. A lot of it was given away! There were many positive reports, in that it lasted longer and tasted different.  Good old pops, got fed up with the garlic and onions littering his garage. So decided to tidy things up, and remove the stalks.

He doesn’t even like garlic or onions.

There are many varieties sunk this year. As to whether the clay doesn’t eat them; that remains to be seen.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit