Kevin the miserable, moody aubergine

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This year, there were high hopes for the aubergine analogue study. Why? Because of this guy. Okay, admittedly, I grew him outside, and did temporarily have a plastic greenhouse over him and Claude the astia Courgette. Alas, the wind took it and it was goodbye greenhouse. At one stage, there was a plastic bag covering him as a cloche.

There are many naysyers with aubergines, and to be fair, I can see why. These are fickle, fanciful creatures. If they do not like the conditions, noses are turned up and little feet are stamped. The aim of the aubergine analogue study was to learn from the kevin mistakes.

Not sure if I will try again!

Yours in anticipation

Horticultural Hobbit

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  1. Thank you for leaving a ‘like’ on my blog. This has given me the opportunity to check out your blog too. I love it. I have ploughed through the archives and I’m looking forward to following it. I love the way you name your vegetables – veggies have feelings too!

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