Seeds: the next generation

20130126-062403 PM.jpg

Image courtesy of @meandmylottie-joy topping

Not last year, the one before; through sheer fluke. I managed to cultivate a ghost rider pumpkin. Ma had picked it up on a visit to the local garden cafe, and it became a baby. The one fruit cam off, a 5lb beauty.

Now ghost riders are a carving pumpkins, they are not known for their edible qualities. That didn’t stop Ma and pops eating him over two days having curried him.

When Ma had sacrificed him, I asked that she kept the seeds for me. These were washed and dried and popped into my seed stashers. Then, with the help of the Grow your own grapevine forum, some of the seeds were donated to good homes. Some were fellow allotmenteers, as well as school groups.

What you see above, is a beautiful fruit, a product of our Bruno the first. This was grown up north of Blighty, way way up north. Made me feel very warm and fuzzy! Sadly, many other babies succumbed to the poor weather last year. Making the one above a true Titan.

I do have some mystery social science pumpkin seeds. Salvaged from a colleague who had the pumpkin for her tea. I couldn’t tell you what it was called.

Will have to find out!

Seed saving is incredibly important, I am very thankful to those lovely grapes who have donated their seeds to me. Is a message worth passing on

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit