Aunt VVG’s adoptees

20130416-095142 PM.jpg

Frauzauber, Lipstick and lemon drop.

You will have observed my chilli and pepper crisis. Namely, that they failed at one stage to germinate or keeled over.

Whilst I managed to nurture a few; grapevine Aunty VVG has kindly donated a few to keep me from losing my sanity; under the proviso that I keep her appraised of how they are going. I shall endeavour to do my best.

Sat on a sunny, warm window sill, they have been adopted and shall be observed carefully. I have no idea about any of this cohort; though I have heard of lemon drop but never sown it myself.

I know what you are thinking. Why does a girl need so many chillies and peppers?

Well, why not?

They are all going to end up in Mama H’s kitchen. If they manage to crop. Chillies-for my part-are hard to get growing. The one crop that was produced, could have been a sheer fluke.

I shall do my best to look after them.

Yours on anticipation

Horticultural Hobbit