Glimmers of hope

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Could have collared by the fashion police, wandering down in my Smart navy school suit and red wellingtons.

I am pleased to announce the posh roses, some of them, have buds. And at least three roses are forming.

My grapevine, is looking beautiful. As tiny as she is, I think the one that you see is a red one. She had been presumed dead. So very, very happy to see her get going.

Broadies look a bit bent over; has been a very miserable, wet and windy day today. They are, however, starting to flower. That was reason for the visit today, to see if the Wendy was still there. And it was. Home to the chillies and bells, frauzauber has some rather nice yellow tinged floo’ers. Lipstick does too, so we shall see!

Whilst the garlic is sending up scrapes, shallots show no sign of wanting to budge. Will be keeping an eye on them. Pickle, perhaps.

The difference a spot of rain makes. Potatoes are going crazy. Didn’t think they got that tall.

Out of 9, I have seen 3 cucumber plants. Have started to grow a little. But still not very big.

Some of Ma’s mustard has bolted, is sending out floo’ers that will be yellow.

All is not bad ^_^

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

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