snozzcumbers they aint: Cucumbers

Must confess to not really paying an awful lot of attention to the cucumbers on the plot. We started out with nine plants. Three different varieties, which were Femspot, Marketmore and crystal lemon. Of the nine, we have three sole survivors. Survivors that at the moment are on the cusp of flowering. Have no idea what happened, there were six from the nine ready to plant out. One was on it’s way out when planted anyway. So that is one accounted for. No clue, what happened to the fem spot. They had all been so promising.

Have never successfully grown cucumbers. Last year, they go so big and then keeled over when we had a cold snap in April. I had thought that by now, they would be distinctly taller. I have heard rumours of them reaching five foot. I would soon know, if I had to eye ball a cucumber, don’t you think? With the heatwave, they are watered daily, and also fed with tomato food. The growth on the crystal lemon would suggest that would be working. Perhaps the level of watering needs to be upped; cucumbers-again, through hearsay-are thirsty creatures.  My fear, when watering, is that they will get too wet and then keel over with a rotten stem.

If they come, one will be amused!

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

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