Jammin’ a la Aunty Lorraine

There are brambles to the side of Project Othello that have been chopped back a bit. There are not many folks on the site who pick them, but today I jointed another plot person to pick some. The plan was to make Aunty Lorraine’s blackberry jam:

20130822-043836 PM.jpg

So we found about a 1lb of blackberries . Braving the brambles and the thorns.

20130822-043931 PM.jpg

20130822-043944 PM.jpg

20130822-043956 PM.jpg

And the wrestled with the recipe. I don’t have a jam thermometer, so had to the saucer test where it actually set immediately.

20130822-044056 PM.jpg

20130822-044109 PM.jpg

As lovely as it is, some of it has set like concrete. Will have to try again!

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit