Mean green

I have become a bit fed up of seeing burgeoning tomato plants and the fruit still being green. I had experimented before, putting a few on the window sill. Only mother used them before they had a chance.

Have now harvested a few.

20130901-065902 PM.jpg

20130901-065913 PM.jpg

Some of them are huge. Some of them
are beautifully ugly. You don’t see that sort in the supermarket, now do you. With the exception of the cherry tomatoes, they are all of a tomato size.

These are all the plants that started their lives off in the classroom. The tiddler tomatoes that didn’t look much a few months ago. They are now beasts.

These could be any number of different colours. Red, yellow, purple or black. Contained in these trays, these are now sat in the four tier blowaway to ripen.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

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