Birmingham butternut

I have one! After Gladys, the butternut that wasn’t; we have a cobnut.

20130911-060154 PM.jpg

This is a cobnut squash, and it is growing up rather than out. I did this purely because I didn’t want slimers eat them. I did this with Gladys too; with less success.

20130911-060424 PM.jpg

I counted about 8 fruits, at varying stages of development. The one above; I very nearly missed. I only went into the foliage to double check.

A lovely surprise; as this is a squash that has been largely ignored. Didn’t think anything had been pollinated.

2 thoughts on “Birmingham butternut”

  1. A very clever idea growing the squash up, and off the ground.
    I have read that if you grow heavier veggies on framework, when they grow too heavy for the vine you can put a nylon stocking over the squash and tie the stocking to the framework thereby offering extra support. Viola.
    Better sweeten up Moma and get your hands on her old nylons.

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