The very inspiring Blogger award


My thanks to Steve at greenwood, for nominating the blog for this award. It is always nice to hear about people having positive experiences in reading what makes up the horticultural hobbit blog.

Rules of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and supply a link to their blog.
  1. Display the Award on your post.
  2. List the Award rules so your nominees will know what to do.
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the Award.
  5. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to this post about it.
  6. Proudly display the award logo (or button) on your Blog, whether on the About page, your sidebar, or on a special awards page.

Posting the award to your post

Since Steve was so kind as to nominate the horticultural hobbit blog, I am putting in the link as to how it might be posted by the future nominees. As described by Lonnie. My apologies to Lonnie for getting things mixed up!  is the link where you can see how it is all set out. But is where you can see where I received the nomination,

Seven things about me:

1. I barely scrape five foot. Hence the hobbit-ism.

2.Love Shakespeare, have seen three in the last three months. Scheduled to see three more next year at the RSC, Stratford.

3. Rather liked Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Novel series, currently have ‘G for Gumshoe’ waiting to be read. But reading ‘Long Goodbye’ by Raymond Chandler.

4. Want to grow a more diverse range of winter squashes next year,

5. Got sick of the sight of courgettes this year.

6.Chilliles were fantastic this year.

7.Love having a polytunnel and a wendy house.


I have chosen five that I think are lovely, truly inspiration and shape the writings on the horticultural hobbit page. Please have a look and see what you might like.

Allotment adventures with jean

Gardening vix


Sarah the gardener

Crafty Garden hoe

7 thoughts on “The very inspiring Blogger award”

  1. You really should edit the post and get Steve’s (Gardening in Greenwood) information in the post. And delete this comment and edit the last one. If you look in your ABOUT comments you will see Steve nominated you and there is a link to his post.

  2. Thanks for fixing the links. You’re a gardener and a gentlemen, to paraphrase a remark… 😉 All the best to you and congratulations on your award!

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