Motion Picture: Start of 2014 Part three

The final instalment of the three videos that I took. It has taken this long to put them up, due to technical gremlins. Still learning how to make the blog better. Guess I will have to learn better! Perhaps have shorter clips, rather than the longer, detailed David Atttenborough type observations.

At the moment, there are slight high winds, lashing gales and lots of dark clouds of grey. The weather systems are doing something of a fandago over the British Islands, and cannnot make up their minds to desist or not. More weeks of poor weather may well be on the cards.

This was actually the first video, the two previous videos then followed it. A bit of hotch potch then, as I wanted to make sure I had described a fair bit. It is grim, grey, and not very bright. So a snapshot of the current state of play. Not very inspiring, but it is a case of trying to imaging what could be. 2013 was a good year as far as experimenting and making observations goes. I struggle to look through such grey and dank times, though I know that could be positives. The leaps and bounds made last year, were above and beyond anything that I firstly planned or second imagined. There is still lots to do.



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  1. All three video were Awesome you have done very well indeed the only thing about shorter clips is their quicker to upload like you mined tend to be on the long side when I do them have a blessed week from Linda

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