Prayer to the chilli gods

20140423-084131 pm.jpg

Ye chilli Gods, make my chillies grow!

These are my second more diminutive batch of chillies, bells and super hots. The bengle, Dorset nagas and choc habanero are in the left, assorted scotch bonnets and jamaican jerk in the middle.

These were a later sowing, and they are late maturing Superhots some of them. They sit by a sunny bay window, which helps the boost up when the sun is out. But the current growth seems painfully slow.

One thought on “Prayer to the chilli gods”

  1. Supper hots grow painfully slowly. The first time I grew them I didn’t think they would make it. But they did and they produced hundreds of chilies. Supper hots usually take 120 days to produce ripe fruit. Good luck!

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