NT live: king Lear

I had high hope for this. Especially having wanted to go see at the theatre. With the prices ridiculously high, I opted for the live streaming.

I wasn’t impressed.

Managed to get to the interval, and I couldn’t get any further. I found it completely incomprehensible, with dodgy camera angles and sound that hit and miss. The cast was good, as far as the daughters went and also Adrian Scarborough as the fool. He was absolutely brilliant. The others not so much; especially as the one daughter looked as though she was impersonating Wallace Simpson.

The production really was theatric and felt as though Mendes was trying to make it stretch to the silver screen. Only it wasn’t done too well.

The text of the play is meant to be challenging anyway. You can tell, it is hard going. There is no spark, of drama. Of enthusiasm, or passion. It felt concrete and clunky. I couldn’t warm to it, or the fella playing king Lear. I know that the king is meant to be old and almost losing it. But this lovely gentleman-who really was-was really very doddery and grandad joe.

Didn’t like it. I really didn’t.