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Things are starting to sprout. This the growth for the Red duke of York, as sank by the artist in residence. Have yet to see Maris piper or king Edwards come up; but international kidney, lady Balfour and kestral are all coming through. This has meant that as we are not yet out of the frost window, these shoots have been covered over with fleece or grass cuttings.

9 thoughts on “Pot-eh-tow!”

  1. I grew Maris piper and king eds last year, to a moderate left of success. Expanded the variety this year by mistake! I sort of got carried away. I have spuds across the growing season and in much larger than previous quantities.

  2. I did the same a couple of years ago. 2.5kg doesn’t sound like many spuds. My favourite is violetta a deep purple that keeps the colour when cooked!

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