Argh allotment challenge-the finale

Argh allotment challenge-the finale

I must confess that the twitterverse had already told me the winner before I watched it. So in actually watching it, I wanted to see how this all actually ends.

For me this has been a game show. A competition. Devoid of education, it informed somewhat; but was designed primarily to entertain. If there are to factual lessons learned from this; create a documentary over the course of a year and show real allotments and real work. When the show says it has recruited them most talented, I’m not ensure that this accurate.

So this week, contestants had to grow a melon and a cob of corn. Neither of these are easy. So to use as a gameshow task was going to be iffy.

The winners never actually won a best in show for for growing. Anyone else confused by that? How does that qualify a winner?

More grafted veg too with the melon plants. One even planted out side by way of experiment. Experiment. A word not oft used in this show.

Paid particular attention to the sweetcorn as I currently have a whole batch sown awaiting germination. Not that I am coddling them though. And there is baby watermelon on the window sill. How did they get six per plant?! It saddened me that two early ripeners were thrown onto a compost pile.

Jim has scared the life outta me though. To keep saying that they are high maintenance. Nothing encouraging there then.

Kate and Eleanor tipified that not all gardening is successful, and this was realistic. That is what happens.

Dahlias, have tried these and failed repeatedly. Not sure how hanging baskets fit in with allotments either. And it is a hanging basket and not a hanging design. No idea how these contain rhythm and design. It is not a brass band.

Flower faff went on far too long.

Then came the eat. A gift basket. Three preserves and a secret. And education, with good experimentation and adventure. Something that was missing all the eat through uptil now. Proper adventure and enthusiasm. Shame as dimi and rupert got chastised for experimenting.

And this is where the winners stole the show, but only just. That double dose of delicious clinched it for them and blew the rest of out the water.

My congratulations to the winners πŸ™‚

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  1. I cannot agree more with you. Was not a real, true final. It just shows that gardening is a hit and miss every year through no fault of the allotment owners and not a good incentive to new growers. But a good laugh for us seasoned growers πŸ™‚ Thanks for you reviews every week.x

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