Nibbled on Naga: Dorset Naga

20140531-094648 am-35208688.jpg

Have not paid the chillies a visit for a few days. Anticipated that there may be slimers on the prowl; and there was. Above are the nibbled on Dorset nagas. These were in the Wendy house; by I’ve just moved them temporarily to the poly. Still haven’t planted them into the poly. They look a bit small still. There are three plants in that pot; and I probably should have separated them. But I will leave them be.

These have even entered into the Dorset naga growing challenge by So that is why I want them to grow!

2 thoughts on “Nibbled on Naga: Dorset Naga”

  1. Lots of my chilli peppers have got curly leaves and don’t look very happy but I don’t think I can blame slugs for that! Yours still look quite healthy apart from the nibbled bits 🙂

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