Dorset naga: Potting up

Was advised by Joy Michaud at to pot up the Dorse Naga immediately so that starts to flourish. I did assume it was the dorset that was nibbled earlier this week, but it was on second glance the bengle naga. I always feel that this is an oversight on my part! the fame goes to the dorset, with the bengle being somewhat overlooked.

Today, these were both potted up. Into morrisons flower buckets of all things. These have been drilled at the bottom, by pops for drainage. i am loathe to put them into the ground of the poly at the moment, as to me, they still look a bit small and perhaps need to be a little taller. To be honest, I’ve not had had bad success previously with the flower buckets and chillies/bells. There is some sand and sadly blue pellets of doom around the base. All being well, if they do shoot up, then yes; they will go into the ground.