anti-vampire prep



There is garlic in there some place and lots of it. Planted through cardboard, which has sort of quashed the weeds. So it could be alot worse. Yes, I could have mulched, and I could have hoed it all down. You simply don’t, when you are trying to organise things. To be  honest, I leave my allieums pretty much alone and let them do as as they wish. These were planted later than anticipated, and therefore yet to keel over all raffia like. It is starting to happen. In direct comparison, there is also garlic and onions in raised beds. Not so yellow, smaller bulbed, and starting to bolt. I have been snapping off seed heads. I plan to leave the garlic a little longer, so that it can start to go yellow and keel over.

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  1. I have no idea what I do wrong with my garlic but the bulbs never seem to be that big. To be fair the whole crop suffered with rust this yr but apparently that shouldn’t have affected the bulbs. Yours plants in comparison look really good 🙂

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