Breaking in the jam pan

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This afternoon I have got around to breaking in the newly acquired jam pan. The first round involved making red scotch bonnet and yellow sweet pepper jelly. This is recipe I have used before, namely the nigella chilli jelly one. Can be found in your nearest search engine!

The second round was having a go at making aubergine and mint chutney. The homegrown elements of this were onions, garlic and Mint. All popped into the maslin pan with vinegar, sugar, chillies, onion seed, cumin and coriander seeds as well as some mustard seeds. Even managed to get a steam burn from uncovering it! Will leave it cure for a bit before tasting. Whilst cooking it had a wonderful herby and focaccia like smell.

5 thoughts on “Breaking in the jam pan”

  1. This is the first time it has sat properly. I watched the jam thermometer creep to 104 which is the jam setting point; then poured it all in to jars. It has now set like marmalade! But chilli jam is meant to be gloppy, as well as spreadable. Have a go! Even the goo is actually edible 🙂

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