#NaBloPoMO: Never stop learning


When I am not playing on the plot or teaching, I am also a student. This summer I became a trained Listener having completed a Level 2 counselling skills course. At level 2 this was a GCSE equivalent course.

With the start of the autumn term I have started a level 3 counselling studies course. This is A level equivalent and it definitely more challenging. The workload is definitely heavier. There is more theory involved and the skills are certainly more complex. Today I have been looking at the Ethical framework that all members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy have to adhere to. One way to pass the time on the train, doing course work!

This course will not qualify my to be a Counselor, but will set me on the road to being a counsellor in training. I would one day like to marry this up with my love of allotmenteering.

The process is all something of journey and there is nothin so surprising as fellow human beings.

2 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMO: Never stop learning”

  1. This is such an undervalued skill. After my father died and a long term relationship ended I was struggling mentally and emotionally. I spoke with a grief councillor just once – I have no memory of what they said, they just let me pour it all out. It was like a pressure value being released and I could start to move on.
    Well done and thank you for choosing a field that can make such a difference.

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