Psychology Teachers of the world, Unite!

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I am a green fingered teacher of Psychology. There are quite a few of us. Psychology teachers, that is, not sure about the green fingered variety. Though there are quite a few green fingered teachers out there.

Psychology has over the years become increasingly more popular, particularly at a pre-tertiary level. Not many places teach Psychology at GCSE/Level 2, so students only encounter it at AS/A Level/Level 3. This can often make things challenging for teachers of Psychology. Especially in terms of resources, CPD and just knowing what direction to go in. I have personally found the ATP really useful. The association of Teachers of Psychology is a voluntary organisation that supports the work of Psychology teachers. I have found them fabulously supportive over the last five years. They offer cracking low cost value for money CPD that really enriches teaching and learning. Having been to two of their last conferences, I cannot recommend them enough. The conferences that I have been to, have been informative, well resourced, and an invaluable opportune to meet fellow Psychology teachers. You can have a look at past conferences at this site. I am hoping to go next year, and perhaps share the green fingered love of all things horticultural. Once upon a time, I used to grow seedlings in a classroom. Plus the swelling idea that horticulture and mental health go hand in hand is something I find very interesting and would love to share with colleagues. As well see how many psychology teachers can grow sunflowers and how big. That might also feature in the Spring.

With budget constraints, the future of pre-tertiary Psychology all over the shop the ATP are working hard so that myself and colleagues have support. Compared to other associations, the membership price is really good value. £25, I think. Student membership is even less. So if you are a teacher of Psychology, and I don’t think it matters from which part of the globe you are in, I would certainly have a look at The ATP. The issues in Psychology are global, after all.

The brain that you see above, was commissioned from a lovely lady named Ali Campbell and you can find all the details for it here I use it in class for plenaries and questioning. It’s termed the brain of doom, but students actually ask to catch it. So I highly recommend it. For all details about Ali Campbell’s creations have a look at gethookedoncrochet website.

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