Whedon-verse day: The school and sixth form years

Today, it started with ‘The wish’. Moved on to ‘Dopplegangland’ and now we have random episodes of ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’. Those two must be the two episodes that I can remember most saliently, and watch them over and over, from time to time. Even though the focus is far from the titular heroine. That is what makes them good episodes, having a look at those on the periphery. Event the Xander episode, where he splits into two is a good exploration.

It all started many moons ago, quite by accident. I knew, that ST:TNG finished at 6.45 on BBC 2. Then it was time for Buffy, until 7.30. I watched it quite contentedly on and off oveer the school, with ‘Angel’ making it’s appearance during my time at Sixth Form. I used to record it, on a VHS, as it was screened at the Witching hour, and I would have school on the Monday morning. Eventually, I think it fizzled out, and I have no idea who subsequently screened it. We’ve never had Sky or cable in our house, so box sets were always the way forwards. There are whole schools of thought out there, with various views on the whedon-verse.

That  really was the era of the whedon-verse. I also found ‘Firefly’ and the spin off movie, Serenity. ‘Firefly’ is probably going to make an appearance this afternoon, along with a couple of episodes of ‘Angel’ perhaps. I rue the fact that disc 5 of season 2 has a crack down the middle. Those are episodes I shall never watch again! I never did get into the other whedon-verse things, though, even if they do tend to get cancelled.

Not sure I like the random episode currently on the screen. Buffy is being dramatic with Riley having been found in a vamp nest getting bitten.

There are episodes likes this, where things just don’t sit right.

I would go as far as saying that ‘Angel’ was in parts better. And, i’m not sure I ever liked the ending of ‘Buffy’. A case of, an ending for the sake of ending. The tail end of the seasons, make for slightly dated and cringey viewing. Spike, cordelia and Wesley transferring with ‘Angel’ was a good move. Nathan Fillion, morphed his creepy preacher guy, and could have a good thing with ‘Firefly’.

Yeah, not liking the current episode. Might just have to change it.