#NABLOPOMO: Indian Baby Pumpkin/Tinde


My late Grandad liked tinde. Was one of his favourite foods, so at his wake, we had them. There were some left over, and we took them. A bit over ripe, but cookable. So ma, in her wisdom, decided to seed save.

Tinde, after much search engine-ing, translates to Indian Baby Pumpkin. A squash! A squash that we could possibly cultivate. I have yet to sown the conventional courgettes and squahes. Mum is one step ahead of me in her experiment. These were sown two weeks ago in moist compost pellets, that sit on a warm window sill. Ma has been watching daily for signs of growth.

Lo and behold, we have two squash babies coming through. We shall see, if they get any bigger and if we get any baby squashes.

Here’s hoping!

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