Blossoming Blooms: Roses


I have no idea what this rose is called. Only that is nearly as tall as me-I barely scrape five foot- has two limbs as it were, it’s a mystery lost label rose and there are lots of buds waiting to burst open. As we approach the end of the May, more and more of the plot roses are starting to bud up to blossom. Half of the plot, has mystery lost label roses. The aim of this was to form an avenue of roses, that were interspersed with fruit trees Most of these are pink, I think. The top half is something of a fruit orchard, with the raspberry canes, fruit trees and strawberries The other half has the posh roses, and I even know some of their names.  There are roses such as Harry Wheatcroft, blue moon, Christian Dior, the peace rose and Lovers meeting. Lovers meeting is the bright orange bloom that you see in the images below.

These are the pictures from last years rose harvests. As you can see, there was something of an abundance. Hopefully, there will a repeat performance this year.