tomato tears…almost

Had a spot of drama today. Hadn’t been able to go down to the plot for a few days, so karma turned around and bit me. My previously pride of joy tomatoes had dehydrated in the heat of the wendy house. Whilst it is ventilated, these were still fleeced so cooked. I did feel a big stomach flip, and sadness, at having possibly lost them. Emergency hydration was required. These are all currently sat in a lot of water in the poly tunnel. I did check them this afternoon, and they were starting to revive.

I can safely say, that my heart did sink. One of them, is a gonner with the main stem. But did have side shoots; so this may be a saving grace. I have learned my lesson. Not to leave them so long. They started out being pampered and precious, this will have to be the case once again!

3 thoughts on “tomato tears…almost”

  1. Oh no! Mind you I did something similar with a batch of runner beans and peas. Put them in a cold greenhouse in a propagator (It was so cold here). Late for work one morning and rushed out forgetting to open the greenhouse on the only hot day…result – cooked seedlings. Impossible to revive!😕

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